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Welcome to Capsule Climber! , the game where you play as Tac the Capsule as he completes a daring climbing obstacle course! In this game, Tac must climb the obstacle course to reach the top and claim his prize as the best climber in the world! You will need strength, balance, and stamina to complete the course!

This is a simple climbing game made as a University project. At the moment, it is very barebones and simplistic, so I will update it to make it flow more like a game and be better playwise!


Look with the mouse!

Move with WSAD!

W - Forward

S - Left

A - Backward

D - Right

Climb by pressing 'E' when touching a red block!

If you fall back to the ground, press 'E' to restart!

To quit the game, press 'Alt' + 'F4'

Install instructions

1. Extract the 'Capsule Climber!' folder anywhere to your computer

2. Inside the 'Capsule Climber!' folder, double click 'Capsule Climber.exe'

3. Make sure that 'Capsule Climber_data' and 'Capsule Climber.exe' are in the same location!


Capsule Climber!.zip 10 MB

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